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FINPUBLIC – Evaluation and Project Financing since 1986 enjoys a well established reputation as a private consulting firm with strong collaboration and links with public Istitutions such as Ministries, public and private large companies. FINPUBLIC is active in public/private financing of infrastructures, energy and banks investments.

- Preparation of business plans to acquire Project Financing (P.F.) and to obtain public grants from Central Government, Regions and European Commission (E.U.).

- Evaluation and monitoring of projects on behalf of Ministries, the European Commission, public institutions, banks and private investors to acquire public grants and private financing. The evaluation include cost – benefit analysis, evaluation of impact on the environment, multi-criteria analysis in roads, highway, energy projects, railways, undergrounds, industrial re-vamping and modernization.

- Technical, economic and financial industrial feasibility studies.

- Marketing research.

- Tourist site development (hotels and villages).

The founder of FINPUBLIC is Luigi Marsullo who has studied evaluation of public investment in infrastructures projects with Prof. H. Burger at Columbia University and initiated his academic teaching experience along with an international career as senior economist with United Nations (FAO, UNIDO, UNSO, etc.), World Bank, IFAD (OPEC – OCSE), European Commission. Prof. L. Marsullo is also the co-founder of the Italian Committee for the Evaluation of Public Investments Projects in Infrastructures (FIO) in his capacity of Director General for Infrastructures. He is an economic and financial advisor to various Ministers, European Commission (UE), European Parliament, and other various financial institutions such as IFAD (OPEC – OCSE), African Development Fund, Asian Development Bank, etc... Mr Marsullo is the initiator or the author of various financial laws and has contributed in the preparation of a paramount important Law (Legge Obiettivo for the financing of infrastructures in Italy). He is the author of the initial (1996) decree on Public-Private Partnership (P.P.P.).
In his well established carrier specifically in the energy sector Mr Marsullo has been the Project Consultant to three HYDRO Energy production plants on the Nile river financed jointly by Italian Government an UE Commission (NAG HAMMADI, ASYOUT, extc in Egypt on behalf of the famous consulting company BONIFICA spa) during the 80s.
For the Italian Government and for the Energy Sector Mr Marsullo has been the Project Consultant of various Energy Projects:
In particular since the 80s Mr Marsullo has advised -as PC- the electric plants of Brindisi, Civitavecchia, Porto Torres, etc.., as well as large numbers of other minor medium and small scale hydro energy plants in various regions in Italy: Friuli, Piedmont, Umbria, Veneto.
As far as regards M&S scale renewable energy plants Mr Marsullo has been very active with FINPUBLIC – FinEnergie and other companies in various regions of Italy for the following sectors: solar energy plants, biomass energy plants, wind energy plants, wind off-shore energy plants, photovoltaic energy plants.
Economist. After the scholar ship at the John’s Hopkins University, he carried out a research on the Evaluation of Public Investment Projects in Infrastructures at the Columbia University.
Senior economist with FAO, IFAD (OPEC Special Fund and OCSE), UNIDO, African Development Fund, UNSO, etc..
Director with Bonifica/Condotte Acque/Italstat/IRI. From 1982 co-founder and General Director for infrastructures at the Italian Committee for the Evaluation of Public Investments in infrastructures (CIPE). In-house Senior Evaulator at the European Commission and Advisor at the Transport Commission of the European Parliament. He has been teaching at various Universities (Bari, Roma, Reggio Calabria, Udine, etc.) and at the Higher Institute of Public Administration of the Prime Minister. Office Advisor of various Ministers (Infrastructures, Energy, Economy, Transport, etc.) and various private companies and public institutions on the private-public projects financing of infrastructures including the Authority on Public Works.
Often Mr Marsullo participates in a large number of work-shops, seminars and conferences in a large number of countries such as U.S.A., Canada, UK, and about 115 missions in 103 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe.
Recently Mr Marsullo on behalf of the Italian Ministry for Higher Education and Research and Ministry of Economic Development has been participating as a speaker in the UNITED KINGDOM ENERGY RESEARCH CENTER conferences.

During the 90s Mr Marsullo has visited officially many ministers and public institutions in Ankara and Istanbul on behalf of the Italian Government to promote and implement bilateral co-operation and programs regarding energy and infrastructure projects.
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